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Naturopathy | Counseling | Nutrition Homeopathy | Body work


Praktijk Fontaine is a clinic for Complementary and Alternative medicines (CAM).


Praktijk Fontaine (Rachel) can provide the following treatments:

  • Naturopathic medicine -guidance in nutrition, botanical medicines, understanding illness, mental guidance in awareness processes (ND Naturopathy).  
  • Body work: relaxation massage, processing and encounter of emotions but also sports massage
  • Classical Homeopathy (MSc Homeopathy)
  • Treatments for children (qualified postgraduate in Pedagogics)

Since January 2017, Sylvia Blasius has completed an internship at Praktijk Fontaine and will finish here naturopathic medicine general (without classical homeopathy) five-year course soon.

As of June 2019, she will provide independent consultations (natural medicine license) in practice and will be eligible for your consultations.
Until then, she has been a member of the NWP association as a student and has an affordable rate.


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