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Cost / Health care company

Consultation online


Online intake 110 euro (1,5 hour) 
Online short consultation 40 euro (30 minutes)
Online consultation 70 euro (1 hour) 


Consultation on location (only in Aruba)


Intake 150 florins (1,5 hour)

Consultation / discuss treatment plan (30-40 minutes) 70 florin

Consultation 140 florins (1 hour)


Bodywork/massage treatment (only in Aruba)


90 dollar / 150 florins for citizens (1,5 hour)


Please note that for Dutch people living on Aruba or in the Netherlands, treatments will be (partly or fully) covered by Dutch insurance. For the Aruban people, unfortunately, the AZV is (until now) not covering your consultation. Please make them aware of the possibilities. 


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Health insurance


You will receive a declaration form which you can present to your healthcare company. 

Click here to see what your healthcare company will cover.